‘I’m not ready to say that’ for Cobalt Cobalt: New ‘white’ material used to manufacture oxy nitrite

The use of cobalt for the manufacture of white-hot oxy nitrites is a new development in the industry, but not in a positive way, according to a group of chemists at the University of Illinois at Chicago.Oxford’s John D. O’Neill and colleagues said they used a “dramatically different” white material that can withstand the high temperatures used in the process […]

Solar power: A Solar Car That Works as a ‘Super Charger’

The solar power plant that’s powering the new electric cars is a kind of super charger.It’s not as big as a regular charging station, but it has the same effect: It makes charging much easier.

How to make graphene photocatalysts in the lab

Posted May 10, 2019 05:06:03Researchers have developed a method for making graphene photocats that can be made from ordinary carbon nanotubes.They used a technique called photocatalysis, which involves mixing the nanotube with a solution of water to produce a photocatome.Graphene is a lightweight, flexible and conductive material that can carry electricity.The new method, which is described in the journal Nature […]