What does the world need to know about C3n1 Photocatalyst?

photocataker mozzies magnet,c1n1 photocatcher review,cop  A new photocatalytic process for 3-D printing that can produce an entirely new set of 3D objects could help us understand the world around us.C3n3, as the new process is called, has been developed by researchers from the University of Melbourne and the University at Albany in New York.It has been shown to produce objects […]

When does a new generation of photonics begin?

A new generation, it is said, of photonic semiconductors is coming to market, but it is too soon to predict what the technology will be able to do.“It’s really a question of when,” said Stephen Smith, chief executive of the Canadian Photonics Institute, which is co-organizing the event.The CPI, which has about 500 members, is in the midst of a […]