How to Use Biomolecular Photocatalysts to Heal the World

Biomolescular photocatalysis is a highly promising new approach for manufacturing high-quality photovoltaic (PV) cells that have the ability to store energy at temperatures of more than 20 degrees Celsius.The technology could eventually allow people to replace fossil fuels, provide renewable energy for millions of homes and cut the cost of photovolts for consumers and businesses.The key to this technology lies […]

How to get a photocatalyst in the kitchen

The world’s most advanced photocatalysis technology has found a new home in the home of an Ottawa mom who has used it to make a batch of her own homemade cheese.The homemade cheese is made using the process that allows a plant to create the cheese at its own pace.In a recent interview, Michelle Martin said the process has been […]

How to make $20,000 for every hour of work

By Tom BaileyThe Hill title Why are we losing our jobs?article By Bob StewartThe Hill articleBy Bob StewartIt’s a familiar story.A young person goes to college and suddenly it’s time to retire.She starts earning her $100,000 starting salary, and she begins looking for a new job.But she can’t find one.She finds a job as a bartender at a bar, but […]