How to Make a Photocatalyst Light Power Source

Photocats and light bulbs are the latest thing on the horizon.They have been around for a long time and can be used in pretty much any lighting application. But, they’ve only been around in limited form. We already have light bulbs, and we’ve been using them for decades.Now, we have photocats, too.  The photocat technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we […]

Photocatalysts, solar cells, solar photovoltaic modules can be replaced by nanosheets, research says

The new technology, which is called a nanoparticle photocatalysis, is being used to make light, sound and other materials.But it is also a major breakthrough for the technology that will be used in photovolts, which have the potential to be used to power smartphones, cars and many other devices.The technology could revolutionize the way light is generated and distributed, according […]