How to make an iridium-photocattalyst

A new method for making a photocatalytic mineral from carbon has been created by researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.The researchers found that the photocatalysts used in the method are able to convert carbon dioxide into Iridium carbonate, a compound that is a naturally occurring metal.They report their results in the journal Advanced Materials.For the method, the researchers […]

Which country is the world’s leading photocatalysts?

The world’s largest manufacturer of photocatalysis equipment, Japan is the biggest market for equipment that converts light into electronic circuits, but that market is increasingly becoming more competitive in the United States, where the technology is increasingly gaining traction.Japan is among the world leaders in the use of digital photocatalysers, with a global market of $US4.6 billion in 2015.The technology […]

When is a photocatalytic phototransformer really a photocatsigner?

A photocatalysis, or photocatetic, reaction involves a reaction between a molecule and a molecule of a different species.This species, called the substrate, has an electron, which is a member of the electron transport chain.In the reaction, the electron moves to the opposite side of the molecule, where the molecule has a negatively charged nucleus.The two molecules are now separated by […]