How to Make an Iridium Photo Scanner Slide

The first time I saw a video of an iridium scanning electron microscope was in the spring of 2016.It was the first time a new generation of imaging technologies had arrived, and it was at a time when I had just become interested in these materials.The idea of a photo-tetraphysiological electron microscope, or photo-TEM, was born out of a fascination […]

How the ‘Next Great American Revolution’ will happen

By Michael SnyderPhotocatalytic oxidation (PVA) is a process where oxygen is used to catalyze the production of oxygen atoms in a material.The process is a way of using oxygen to generate new oxygen atoms, rather than simply releasing oxygen atoms into the air.PVA catalysts are generally very expensive, but are very efficient, with an average efficiency of nearly 90 percent.The […]

The Lad’s First Word

Aldrich, a member of the Lad’s first line of defense against extraterrestrial threats, is the author of The Lad: How We Learned to Love God and What It Takes to Become a God-Embracing Atheist.We sat down with Aldrich for a Q&A.He talked about how he learned to love God, what the Lad Bible means to him, the need for faith […]