When will you be able to use graphene as a photocatalytic catalyst?

The new technology uses a type of carbon called graphene that has been engineered to behave like carbon dioxide.But the process is not yet a commercial product.Instead, it relies on a catalyst called CO2 nanotubes that have been grown on a special carbon substrate.The nanotube layer, which can be as thin as 1 nanometer, is attached to the surface of […]

How to build a copper t-shirt photocatalyzer

A metal-tungstate (MT) photocatalyser, which uses a metal electrode to produce a photocatalysis reaction, has been developed by researchers at the University of Western Australia.The team is working on a prototype to produce copper t shirts with a lower carbon footprint and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and to produce the t-shirts in Australia.Photo: Rohan Thomson/Reuters “We’re working on an early […]

How to get copper tucks into your brain for better memory?

The brain has a number of specialized areas, and the areas that get activated are specialized in certain cognitive functions, such as the ability to perform visual recognition and the ability with information to solve problems.The copper tuck is one of those specialized areas.It works like this: It turns on the neurons that control our attention.When you see something that […]