A Black Tie 4-Way Nano-Tin Electrolyte for Biomass Power Sources

NANOPEN, India—Black Tie 4 is an Indian company developing a nano-tinkering tool for making nanoparticles for energy storage and biofuels.The tool, a catalyst that can make and store nanoparticles, was demonstrated at the India Aerospace Research Organisation (IARAO) in New Delhi on Monday.Nanoparticles, also called nanoparticles and microtubes, are small, flexible, and chemically stable.Nanosquatters are tiny, lightweight, and water-soluble nanoparticles […]

What can be done to improve the efficiency of nanomaterials for photocatalysis

Nanomaterial photocatalysts are one of the most promising applications of the latest generation of semiconductor technology.Although there are many different types of nanowires, the most commonly used ones are those made of carbon nanotubes or graphene.However, these materials are very fragile, making them unsuitable for high-speed electron microscopy.One promising approach for using nanomotors is to use them as photocatalysers.In particular, […]

How to make an artificial catalyst with organic dye photocatalysts

Nanotechnology is one of the hottest areas of research in nanotechnologies.But while the process of making nanostructures is a long way from reality, there is a promising field of using nanoparticles to make photocatalysis.Theoretically, nanoparticles are one of two kinds of nanoparticles that can bind to specific chemical bonds and perform catalytic activities.Nanoparticles are typically made by splitting two atoms […]