How to create a photo with a smartphone, a tablet, and a microscope

This tutorial uses an iPad Pro to take a picture.We will use a camera with a resolution of 2.8 megapixels to take an image, then we’ll create a digital image that looks like the one you see here.To create the photo, we’ll use a smartphone to capture an image.Then we’ll apply the app that comes with the iPad Pro and […]

How to make graphene photocatalysts in the lab

Posted May 10, 2019 05:06:03Researchers have developed a method for making graphene photocats that can be made from ordinary carbon nanotubes.They used a technique called photocatalysis, which involves mixing the nanotube with a solution of water to produce a photocatome.Graphene is a lightweight, flexible and conductive material that can carry electricity.The new method, which is described in the journal Nature […]