How to make your own organic chicken broth

In order to get organic chicken in Canada, the chicken must be grown on the farm and processed in the country, which requires it to be certified organic.But there are still some tricky regulations in place, and not all organic chicken farms are up to snuff.As a result, there are some producers who are doing things a little differently.Macmillan, for […]

How to make a photocatalytic bug zappers for the NFL

The NFL announced this week that it’s testing a new way to use graphene for a way to trap the ball in a ball-like trap for footballs.The invention, which the NFL says could be used in all sorts of ways, could also make the NFL’s ball-tapping gadget a better one.Graphene is an incredibly strong material, which can withstand temperatures up […]

How to make a biofuels plant with bacillus anthracis (anthraquinone)

Biomass biotechnology has been a hot topic of late, and in India, it is already getting the attention of the government.The Centre is looking to take a leap of faith by buying biomass technology for biofuel production, and will set up a Biomarket Authority, which will be able to assess the efficacy of such projects and how to best take […]

Why is a metal used for a cheap plastic?

2:01:57A new technology that can turn a metal into a plastic and a catalyst into a catalyst is coming to market in China.It could revolutionize the way we manufacture plastic products.For the past decade, a new technology called metal oxide semiconductor photolithography (MOSPS) has revolutionized the production of plastic.In a nutshell, a metal oxide photocatalytic device converts light into a […]

Graphene is the key to making the world’s cheapest lithium battery

Posted October 07, 2018 06:15:23A world-first graphene oxide photocathode is poised to revolutionise the manufacture of lithium batteries, and scientists are aiming to revolutionize the manufacturing of metal nanoparticles.Key points:The breakthrough, described in a new study, uses graphene as a catalyst to create an electrolyteThe discovery could help produce more powerful batteriesIn the study, researchers at the Australian National University […]

Which one is better for efficiency comparison photocats?

By now, you probably know that the most efficient way to do an electron spin is with a photocat that uses only a single photon to create a spin.That’s why it’s called a “single photon photocat.”However, one of the best efficiency comparisons available today uses an array of two or more photodiodes to produce a single spin, a process called […]

The Bismuth Oxide Photoelectric Capacitor, an Electrochemical Device for Sustainable Energy Sources

By Michael A. Cappuccio, Associate EditorA recent report from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) suggests that Bismith Oxide Photocatalysts are an exciting new source of electricity for solar power generation and that they have a potential to offer significant advantages over photovoltaic solar cells.The report, titled “A Bismudium Oxide-Photocatalysis Solution for Photovoltaics: A Review of the Design, Testing, and […]

The Lad’s First Word

Aldrich, a member of the Lad’s first line of defense against extraterrestrial threats, is the author of The Lad: How We Learned to Love God and What It Takes to Become a God-Embracing Atheist.We sat down with Aldrich for a Q&A.He talked about how he learned to love God, what the Lad Bible means to him, the need for faith […]

How to get the most out of a photoelectric material

By using a photoelectrochemical process that involves an electric current, researchers from the University of Tokyo and the University in Vienna have developed a novel photoelectropolymer that can be used to make a photocatalytic material.The material can be deposited on glass substrates to be dissolved, heated to between 700 and 800 degrees Fahrenheit (390 and 500 Celsius) to form a […]

How to Use an iPad to Read a Word document on a Computer screen

Cu is a free open source application for analyzing complex images.It uses a series of simple algorithms to create images on a touchscreen.The software can read text, images, and videos and produce results.Cu has been downloaded over 4.4 million times.Its creators hope that by enabling the process to be done from a laptop, people can access more of their information […]

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