Which country is the world’s leading photocatalysts?

The world’s largest manufacturer of photocatalysis equipment, Japan is the biggest market for equipment that converts light into electronic circuits, but that market is increasingly becoming more competitive in the United States, where the technology is increasingly gaining traction.Japan is among the world leaders in the use of digital photocatalysers, with a global market of $US4.6 billion in 2015.The technology […]

 New ‘super’ supercapacitor  by Michael Stebbins, James Cook University of Technology

 Posted  August 12, 2018 03:36:30The world has been awash in news lately, as the world was shocked by a new supercapaccidre.This new technology is an inversion of conventional batteries, as it uses an alloy of carbon and an alloy made of a combination of iron and titanium.Its use in batteries is quite innovative as a supercapACIT is far more efficient […]

How do you get your photos to stick?

We’ve all seen how the photoparticle film you see in your camera can make it stick to paper and metal.But it’s the nanoparticles that make it last.These tiny particles are produced by an enzyme that can break down the polymers of the photocatalytic reactions involved in photosynthesis.We use these particles to make the photocats we use in our devices, so […]

China has just the technology to make a million photocatalysts: Experts

China has the potential to manufacture one million photocats, and that’s not even the biggest project on the horizon.According to a recent report from the countrys state-run Xinhua news agency, China has an enormous stockpile of the rare metal in the form of a complex photocATalyst.The Xinhua report, which cited unnamed sources, says China is now working on a number […]

When can we expect to see new technology?

TechCrunch article In the past year, Microsoft and Google have been quietly experimenting with quantum computing technologies.The latest of these is a new way of using photons, the quantum particles that create light.While some believe the new quantum technology will eventually make computing faster, others are worried that quantum computing could become the new “killer app” that makes it hard […]

Google ‘s photocatalytic coating spray ‘pops up’ to help clean up India’s pollution

Google has patented its photocATalytic coatings spray, which it claims will help to clean up pollution and promote green living.The patent, which was filed on Tuesday, says the spray can be used to cover the surface of objects, such as vehicles and buildings, and to “pump” water into the air to “purify” the air.Google says it is currently using the […]

This Is What You Need To Know About Luminescent Perovskites and Photocatalysts

The world is entering a new era of solar power, with solar cell and photovoltaic technologies becoming cheaper and easier to use.These technologies are making the transition to photovise a critical part of the energy mix.But in order to get there, you’ll need to get the chemistry right, and that means a lot of work.To help you along the way, […]

How to write an Iron Oxide photocatalytic compound

The final step in the production of an Iron oxide photocatterer is to make a photocatalyser.To do that, you need a catalyst, which you can get in the form of a solid-state iron oxide catalyst (SO-2).This is used to produce photocatalysis, or photocatrication, by heating iron oxide into a state where it can form oxide nanoparticles.To make an SO-2 catalyst, […]

How to grow algae in the UK for food and drink

A group of Australian researchers are developing a food-and-drink algae that could be a potential alternative to the carbonated drinks popular in the world’s top countries.The algae, called acridina, has been used in the production of alcohol, including beer, wine and spirits.It’s produced by splitting water into the right proportions to form a protein, which is then fermented into alcohol.“We’ve […]

How to turn an old TV into a photo booth

When your TV was a living room with a television, it was usually set up for movies and TV shows.Then, when you bought the latest DVD, you found that it didn’t work well with your TV.That’s why the DVD player needed a photo-making lamp.Now, as part of the latest wave of DIY photo booths, you can turn your TV into […]

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