Merck, Pfizer, and the US government ‘understand’ drug shortages

Google News headline Merck and Pfizer agree to share ‘most sensitive data’ article Merck: “Merck and our pharmaceutical partners are working together on a collaborative project to share most sensitive data and other information that will be most useful to our team.”Pfizer: “We are pleased to conclude this agreement with Pfizer and share most of the most sensitive information and […]

Amazon orders $1bn for bio-ink nanomaterials

Amazon is getting into the bio-material business with a $1.2bn order for bioacoustic nanoparticles, as it continues to work to commercialize its smart glasses.The New York-based retailer says the nanoparticles can be used to help people in hospitals and in fields of interest like medicine and healthcare.The nanoparticles have a low energy and are much less susceptible to heat, heat-induced […]