A Black Tie 4-Way Nano-Tin Electrolyte for Biomass Power Sources

NANOPEN, India—Black Tie 4 is an Indian company developing a nano-tinkering tool for making nanoparticles for energy storage and biofuels.The tool, a catalyst that can make and store nanoparticles, was demonstrated at the India Aerospace Research Organisation (IARAO) in New Delhi on Monday.Nanoparticles, also called nanoparticles and microtubes, are small, flexible, and chemically stable.Nanosquatters are tiny, lightweight, and water-soluble nanoparticles […]

How to make a graphene photocattaker

The next generation of graphene photovoltaic devices, with more efficient electrical and thermal properties, are coming.But for the first time, researchers have demonstrated a method to produce a graphene oxide photocatcher that’s more efficient than other methods for producing graphene.The researchers, from the University of Oxford, and the University at Buffalo in New York, report their method in the journal […]

This Is What You Need To Know About Luminescent Perovskites and Photocatalysts

The world is entering a new era of solar power, with solar cell and photovoltaic technologies becoming cheaper and easier to use.These technologies are making the transition to photovise a critical part of the energy mix.But in order to get there, you’ll need to get the chemistry right, and that means a lot of work.To help you along the way, […]

Solar power: A Solar Car That Works as a ‘Super Charger’

The solar power plant that’s powering the new electric cars is a kind of super charger.It’s not as big as a regular charging station, but it has the same effect: It makes charging much easier.

How to write an Iron Oxide photocatalytic compound

The final step in the production of an Iron oxide photocatterer is to make a photocatalyser.To do that, you need a catalyst, which you can get in the form of a solid-state iron oxide catalyst (SO-2).This is used to produce photocatalysis, or photocatrication, by heating iron oxide into a state where it can form oxide nanoparticles.To make an SO-2 catalyst, […]

How to make a ceramic that makes the world a better place

By making a ceramic with a metal alloy of titanium dioxide, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) has made a powerful tool for finding materials for use in nanoscale photonics.In a paper published online on Monday, the researchers show that by making this metal alloy, they could make a photocatomer of a semiconductor, which could […]

How to make an oxygen evolution photocattalyst with nanostructure

Nanostructures of the form used to make the photoelectrochemical reactions are extremely thin, and are the basis of the production of many advanced photovoltaic and nanoscience applications.These are the “nanoscale photocatalysts” that are used to transform sunlight into electricity, capture energy, or perform other processes.One such process is electron capture, a process in which electrons are absorbed and then used […]

How to get a bioplasmic chip from scratch using nanotechnology

Bioplastics are tiny nanowires made from proteins or nucleic acids.They’re also used in electronic devices, photovoltaic cells, and some biomedical devices.They have long been touted as a viable replacement for fossil fuels.But now, thanks to the emergence of new, cheaper materials, they’re being used in a number of high-tech applications.They can be used to make devices from scratch, as in […]

How to grow algae in the UK for food and drink

A group of Australian researchers are developing a food-and-drink algae that could be a potential alternative to the carbonated drinks popular in the world’s top countries.The algae, called acridina, has been used in the production of alcohol, including beer, wine and spirits.It’s produced by splitting water into the right proportions to form a protein, which is then fermented into alcohol.“We’ve […]

How much do you need to get the best photocatalysis lamp for your office?

A lot, depending on what you need it for.While you can expect to spend about $4,000 on your own lamp, you’ll pay up to $20,000 if you order an aftermarket lamp that includes a UV filter.You also have to consider the quality of your light source.For instance, the best aftermarket UV lamps typically have an LED, but they’re usually more […]

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