Which chemicals make up the world’s most expensive materials?

Nitrile is a chemical used in many household products, including dishwashers, soap, detergents, and hair conditioners.The chemical, also known as neoprene, is highly flammable.A single pound of the compound can burn a house down to the ground.The U.S. Geological Survey reports that nitriles inks are responsible for over $100 billion in damages annually.As with most flammables, nitriels are not recyclable.It […]

How to use Ni3S2 to create novel photocatalysts

NIST researchers are using a novel process to make photocatalysis materials using nanostructured carbon nanotubes.The work is described in a paper published online today in Science.Researchers in the Advanced Light Source (ALS) program at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory are the lead authors on this work.The scientists used nanoscale, organic materials as photocatalysers to generate photocatolysts from the carbon nanofibers.These […]

‘Pax Americana’: Amazon Adds Alexa to Alexa App (Op-Ed)

By Laura Cavanaugh / Business Insider “Pax America,” the series based on the classic children’s book of the same name, is back with a new spin.The latest episode, titled “Prax,” is a new episode, and a new premise.It follows the adventures of a pair of young adults who must learn to control their powers and navigate a world filled with […]