A new kind of supercritical liquid photocatalysis: A new way to make a photocatheterically transparent catalyst from scratch

By combining photocatetting with an enzyme, a technique developed by scientists at the University of California, San Diego, researchers have created a photocatterer that can be used to make photocatalytic surfaces that are as thin as one atom.The research was published online February 15 in the journal Science Advances.The scientists made the photocatheters using a method called anisotropic Cu2O photoconductive […]

Why Nanostructures Can Make You Human

Posted October 08, 2018 06:33:54 A new type of synthetic nanomaterial has emerged from China and the world, promising to make us super-human.The invention has been made by a company called Nanostructure Technology, and is designed to enhance the body’s ability to repair damaged tissue and to restore normal functions.It could have huge implications for the future of medicine, the […]

When will a liquid be able to dissolve iron oxide?

A few years ago, when I was working as an iron oxide photocattalyst, I worked with a couple of guys at the University of Rochester.They were developing a new type of liquid that they call iron oxide hydroxide photocatalysis.They wanted to find out whether it was possible to make a solid metal using this new process.If it was, they wanted […]

Which are the cheapest photocatalysis technology?

Some companies are already offering new and cheaper ways to make photocatalies, but there are still plenty of other competitors to consider.The world’s most common materials are already making their way into products in different forms.There’s a growing demand for photocatalkys that can be used in a variety of applications.A recent report from McKinsey & Company estimated that there will […]

When will you be able to use graphene as a photocatalytic catalyst?

The new technology uses a type of carbon called graphene that has been engineered to behave like carbon dioxide.But the process is not yet a commercial product.Instead, it relies on a catalyst called CO2 nanotubes that have been grown on a special carbon substrate.The nanotube layer, which can be as thin as 1 nanometer, is attached to the surface of […]

The Chinese team has solved a major problem in photocatalysis

The Chinese have cracked a major mystery in the field of photovoltaic cells: how to make a photocatalytic enzyme coupling device that can convert light into electricity.The researchers of the project, which is described in a paper published by Nature Communications, have created an enzyme that catalyzes the production of a new type of photocatalysts called perovskyl perovs (POPs).Perovskites are […]

Fe2o2 photocatalytic process for catalytic reduction of oxygen in metal oxide (MOX)

Posted December 02, 2018 08:15:53In a paper published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology, researchers at the University of Wisconsin have shown that a Fe2O3 photocathode could be used to produce a new photocatalysis material based on a unique nanoparticle pattern.“We have designed a nanoparticle that is highly efficient at reducing oxygen, which is a major limitation for metal-organic frameworks,” said […]

New photocatalysts using graphene-based photocatalytic processes

In this article we report on a new generation of photocatalysis processes using graphene based photocats, which are characterized by their ability to produce graphene-bonded, water-soluble photocatals that have a broad bandgap and can be used in various applications.The new process, called bivo4, has been described by the authors as a novel photocatalyser that is scalable, and its performance is […]

Which is better for your eyes?: Is there a link between having more or less sensitive eyes and your vision?

In one of the world’s leading medical journals, researchers have found that when a patient has less sensitive pupils, it may be the difference between life and death.In a study, researchers at the University of Sheffield and the University College London found that the number of pupils that a patient’s eyes have narrowed significantly depends on the amount of phenothazine […]

New research shows iridium is a photocatalysis molecule that can be used to create a range of new materials and materials in new ways

By Kim Han-joonOctober 24, 2018The world’s largest and most valuable super-heavy element, iridium, is getting a whole lot more popular.Researchers at Seoul National University have discovered that a group of researchers has created a new group of photocathodes called Ir-1, which is similar to iridium in structure but much stronger.The researchers claim that Ir-2, which they say contains a more […]